Building Tomorrow Together gives one hundred thousand euros to four technological projects in the area of ​​mental health

The winners of Building Tomorrow Together – Innovation in Dementia are already known, an initiative of several national hospitals and companies to promote technological innovation in the area of ​​mental health.

Altogether, one hundred thousand euros will be given to those responsible for these ideas, which will go on to pilot projects in the hospitals that are partners of Building Tomorrow Together; the aim is to implement “digital solutions that improve the lives of people with dementia”.

The Centro Hospitalar Universitário de São João and Luz Saúde will receive the iLoF – intelligent Lab on Fiber. This feature uses artificial intelligence to do “faster, more portable dementia risk screening” – this is done with a blood test that uses biomarkers.

Another of the winners is a bracelet that claims to be a «solution for remote monitoring of patients through wearable devices to passively detect movements». Somatix will enter the “service” at the CNS – Neurological Campus and at CUF.

In Lusíadas hospitals, Virtuleap will be used, a system based on virtual reality glasses and an application that suggests «exercises and games to analyze cognitive capacity and predict symptoms of dementia».

Finally, NeoNeuro (which will be used at Centro Hospitalar Entre Douro e Vouga) is a «non-invasive» solution for making the «early diagnosis» of dementia «through a blood analysis with a protocol and its own equipment».