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Built the tallest statue in the world

In the Indian state of Gujarat, the highest statue in the world was erected on the Narmada river. Reported by the Independent.

The 182-meter monument is dedicated to the statesman Vallabhai Patel (Vallabbhai Patel), who became a key figure in the Indian national liberation movement.

The landmark was officially named “The Statue of Unity”, and its construction cost 400 million dollars.

“Patel wanted the people of India to be a strong, influential, sensitive and attentive nation, and now we are working on it,” said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the opening ceremony of the monument.

The height of the “Statue of Unity” was almost 55 meters taller than the previous tallest monument in the world – the Zhongyuan Buddha Statue in China – and almost four times taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York.

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Vallabhai Patel was known as the “Iron Man of India.” He tried his best to achieve the independence of the country and was a loyal follower of another famous politician Mahatma Gandhi. After the partition of British India, Patel made great efforts to ensure that India retains its borders and does not break up into many small states.


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