Bukart scores the 20th goal of the season in the Czech Republic

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Latvian forwards Roberts Bukarts and Māris Bičevskis scored a goal and an assist each in the Czech hockey extra league games on Friday.

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“Ridera” of Vītkovice, represented by Bukarta, lost to “Mountfield” of Hradeckrālova with a score of 2:5 (1:0, 1:1, 0:4).

The Latvian hockey player helped make it 1-0 in the eighth minute of the match, but in the sixth minute of the second period, he himself strengthened the home team’s lead with a shot into an empty goal. In the continuation of the game, however, the guests scored five unanswered goals.

With 20 accurate shots, Bukarts is the second best goal scorer in the extra league, but 38 points gives him the fifth place in the list of the most productive players.

Meanwhile, Bičevski’s goal and assist did not save “Mlada Boleslav” from losing, as his visiting team lost 4:5 (1:0, 0:2, 3:2, 0:1) in extra time to “Motor” from Ceske Budejovice, which forward Mārtiņš Dzierkals and defender Kristofers Bindulis remained without productive points.

In another match, defenders Kristaps Zīle and Ralf Freiberg assisted in the team’s only goals, while “Verva” from Litvīnova, represented by them and Jānis Jak, lost 1:5 (0:2, 1:1, 0:2) away to Liberec “Bīlī Tygrži” with defender Uvi Jānis Balinski is in the lineup. Defender Kārlis Čukste remained scoreless in the game in which Tršinec’s “Ocelarži” lost 1:4 (0:0, 0:2, 1:2) to Karlovy Vary “Energie”, while in another game defender Oskaras Cibulska and Klado “Rytīrži”, represented by Kristaps Sotnieks, recognized the superiority of Brno “Kometa” at home with 0:3 (0:2, 0:1, 0:0).

There are 11 Latvian ice hockey players in the teams of the Czech extra league. The highest in the tournament table is “Rider” of Vītkovice represented by Bukarta, which is in second place with 83 points in 42 matches.

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