Bulgarian Ambassador to Romania: We cannot give water and food to those waiting at the border

Radko Vlaykov PHOTO: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We cannot provide water and food to those waiting at the Ukrainian border, our ambassador to Romania Radko Vlaykov told BNT. The problem is that the Ukrainian authorities are delaying border checks.

I am in Galati for the fourth day, and two colleagues are in the Siret area. There is a coordination mechanism there and a lot of efforts are being made, but they can be effective when you can enter Ukraine, said the Bulgarian ambassador to Romania.

According to him, there is a serious crisis for those waiting on the Ukrainian side.

The big problem is that there is no way to give water and food to the people who are waiting, and most of all the big problem is that there is no petrol and there is a humanitarian catastrophe.

I strongly disagree with the accusations of irresponsibility of the institutions, the ambassador stressed.

We, the diplomats from Romania, were the first to find ourselves in the neuralgic places, he added.

We are in a situation of war – in extremely difficult conditions, the Consulate General in Odessa is organizing transport, the ambassador explained.

It is impossible to say exactly how many of our compatriots are waiting at the border in Siret. There are cars that cannot pass, but their number cannot be specified.