Bulgarian volunteers who helped Ukrainians were fined BGN 12,000

Bulgarian volunteers helping Ukrainian refugees in our country received fines because of bureaucratic requirements. The famous civil activist Adelina Banakieva, who helps Ukrainians and sick children and adults, told about the case on her Facebook.

She talks about the Varna volunteers Antoaneta Ivanova and Vanya Dobreva, who she nominated and received the “Person of the Year” award for field work with Ukrainian refugees. Despite their enthusiasm, “Bulgaria’s system of welcoming war refugees turned out to be overwhelming for these machines,” Banakieva writes.

According to her, Vanya Dobreva was fined for having appointed 6 Ukrainian women in the home she organized for refugees with severe disabilities and illnesses – legally, with contracts, but she “failed to send a piece of paper to some administrative officials, who in all their career they have not done anything useful”. For the fact that she neglected to issue a Notification under Art. 10 para. 1 of the ZTMTM!”, Banakieva is outraged.

It is a requirement in the law on labor migration and labor mobility, according to which, within “7 days from the date of the actual start of work of the citizen of a third country, the employer shall notify the Executive Agency “Main Labor Inspectorate” of this in writing.

“So: an inspection goes to the “Zheleznichar” home and slaps fines! For 6 Ukrainian women 2,000 BGN each – 12,000 BGN,” wrote Banakieva.

According to her, Dobreva is already appealing the fines and if she is sentenced to pay, she will be helped. “But do we really claim that we are helping Ukraine and fine the volunteers who are actually doing something?” she asks.

“For now, I will not tag any of the politicians claiming how we help Ukraine and the Ukrainian refugees here, but if Vanya loses the cases, I promise to actively spit and never vote,” Banakieva wrote in conclusion.