Bulk Cooking Oil is Still Expensive, Traders: I Don’t Dare To Sell


The price of bulk cooking oil, which is still high, has discouraged some traders from selling it. One of them is a trader (Tiara) in Tambun Market, Bekasi. Photo/Doc

BEKASI – Price bulk cooking oil which is still high makes some market trader dare not sell it. One of them is a trader (Tiara) in Tambun Market, Bekasi.

He said, apart from being expensive, the stock of goods at the agent was also difficult to obtain, alias kept empty. “I sold bulk cooking oil yesterday for Rp. 20,000/kg. Now I’m not selling. Because the items were empty at several agents I visited,” he said when met at his shop, Tuesday (26/4/2022).

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“I don’t dare to sell it because it was still expensive when I bought it, plus the stuff was empty. Once I ordered, for example, I asked for 5 jerry cans but there was no item. Even though the agent has listed the names of the shops, but still the goods are not being held,” continued Tiara.

Therefore, Tiara switched to selling bottled oil only because it was easy to reach. He said, now the sales have returned. Not like before who hide when needed. But the problem is, the price is still at a high peg.

“Before I could take 15 boxes, but now I only buy 5 boxes. It’s not limited by the sales. But because it’s still expensive I didn’t take much. Because buyers know that oil is already cheap. Even though in sales it’s still expensive,” he explained.

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Tiara said the reason she didn’t want to take a lot was because she was afraid that at any time the price would change to cheaper. “I was afraid to buy a lot. Because suddenly the price will change again, like it or not, I want to be hoarding expensive oil,” he said.

From the supply itself, Tiara added, sales are no longer limiting orders. That is, no matter how many buyers order, the sales will send according to the order.

“Previously it was limited, when the government had not revoked HET (Highest Retail Price), it was very difficult to get oil, now how much do they want to send,” he concluded.