Again and again, there are bloody incidents in bullfighting in Spain (symbol image).
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                    It is a horrible spectacle that makes headlines every year: the traditional bullfighting in Spain. Year after year, dangerous or even fatal incidents occur again and again in the controversial ritual of the sacrificial cult. This is what happened in Spanish Madrid.
Bloody bullfighting in Madrid: bull spears torero in the crotch
There were terrible scenes, according to "Daily Mail". Despite severe injuries, a cop had caught the Matador-Rubén Pinar with his horns on his thigh, which cost the bullfighter almost his manhood. Hanging helplessly in the air, the animal whirled the man wildly through the air. Pictures of the British "Daily Mail" show the bloody attack.
Also bleeding heavily, the torero finally crashed to the ground. Nevertheless, Pinar did not want to give up. Instead, he bravely fought to the bitter end. Only after the fight was Rubén Pinar finally taken to the hospital. According to the report, the bullfighter was operated on in the evening. About his condition is not known yet.

Bull scalped bullfighter at bullfighting in Spain
It is not the first bloody incident in a bullfight. Only in mid-September a bull scalped a one-eyed bullfighter. The animal knocked the man over, drilled his horn into his head, leaving a gaping, 20-centimeter wound. The matador remained fully conscious during the attack.

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