BUMI Again Wants Private Placement, The Value is IDR 2.1 T, Who’s Entering?

JAKARTA, – PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI) will again carry out a capital increase without pre-emptive rights (non-HMETD) or private placement. This time it happened after the new company held private placement superjumbo of IDR 24 trillion last October, which included the Salim Group.

All new shares to be issued in this PMTHMETD will be taken part by the relevant mandatory convertible bond (OWK) holders in the context of exercising the MCB conversion rights. However, it has not been stated who the OWK holder is.

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In the information disclosure, Friday (25/11/2022), the BUMI directors explained that private placement will be exercised at an exercise price of Rp 80 per share. The number of new shares to be issued in order private placement this amounts to 27,479,434,606 shares of series C. Up to the value private placement in the framework of OWK this time it is IDR 2.19 trillion.

PMHMETD execution date on December 2, 2022 and notification of PMTHMETD implementation results on December 6, 2022.

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After the implementation of PMTHMETD which will issue new shares with a total of 27,479,434,606 series C shares, the total issued and paid-up capital of the company will increase from 343,841,242,189 shares (which are divided into 20,773,400,000 series A shares; 53,501,346,007 series shares B; and 269,566,496,182 series C shares), totaling 371,320,676,795 shares (which were divided into 20,773,400,000 series A shares; 53,501,346,007 series B shares; and 297,045,930,788 series C shares).

Editor : Theresa Sandra Desfika ([email protected])