Qualcomm wants to force a general sales ban for certain iPhone models in Germany. It has been in new applications at the Munich district court demanded to enforce the order already issued, said the chief lawyer of the chip company Don Rosenberg told US media. Apple had failed to recall the devices from the trade.

The iPhone manufacturer disregarded the decision of the court intentionally, Rosenberg argued that Apple is obviously not bound by the rules of the order. The court should therefore impose "significant fines" on Apple, as the financial news agency Bloomberg quoted from the letter of the Qualcomm lawyer.

iPhone 7, 8 and X no longer at Apple but continue to trade

At the end of December 2018, Qualcomm was able to ban the sale of iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X in Germany. Apple then took the devices out of its own shops – both online and from the fifteen retail stores. Third-party dealers offer the three model series so far unchanged. According to Qualcomm's view, the order obtained before the Munich district court covers the confiscation and destruction of all affected iPhone models in the entire retail sector in Germany. The Group has already taken legal action against Apple's indication of the continuing availability of retail equipment.

Apple changed iPhone user interface in China

Qualcomm had previously been an iPhone sales ban in China scored, which, according to Apple, but currently not in the market devices concerned – they will be resold. Apple then modified certain features on Chinese iPhones via iOS update.

So far, Apple has not provided any figures on how many of the iPhones covered by the order have been delivered in Germany. The new claims were allegedly filed on Wednesday. Qualcomm made this apparently only after the Munich Regional Court in other cases could not detect any infringement of two patents by Apple – over two more Qualcomm patents is still being negotiated verbally.

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