Business Bundesbank: Contactless payment has arrived in everyday life

Bundesbank: Contactless payment has arrived in everyday life


According to the Bundesbank, contactless payment is becoming more popular in Germany.

About every third person who already has a payment card with such a function pays his bill at the supermarket checkout, as it were.

This emerges from a survey commissioned by the Deutsche Bundesbank. "This means that contactless payment has become part of everyday life," said Bundesbank board member Burkhard Balz.

According to the survey, 32 percent of contactless debit card holders now use the option of paying in passing. It is 39 percent of credit card users.

“Contactless” means that the customer does not have to insert his credit card or Girocard into a device. The data is encrypted and exchanged with the terminal at the cash register when the card is held up in front of the reader. With small amounts, it is not even necessary to enter the secret number (PIN).

However, not all payment cards are equipped with a contactless function. According to the survey, 95 percent of the respondents hold a debit card like the Girocard, but only half of these cards (49 percent) had a contactless function during the survey period.

"Paying by smartphone is now common at the checkout," explained Balz. According to the information, mobile payment solutions from savings banks and Volksbanks are used more often than the offers of tech groups Google (“Google Pay”) and Apple (“Apple Pay”).

Those who shop online prefer to pay by invoice (69 percent) or PayPal (68 percent). Direct debit follows in third place among the commonly used online payment methods (59 percent).


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