Bundesliga: FK Austria Wien counters Insignia criticism

“Now the ball is up to Austria to commit to this partnership”, Luka Sur recently complained in the direction of Vienna favorites.

Wiener Austria doesn’t let the latest statements by Insignia representatives Luka Sur and Aleksandar Bursac sit on them. The criticism of the “strategic partner” only became public on Tuesday (all information >>>), the violets have not been shooting back for 24 hours.

In a broadcast it says: “The ‘Strategic Partnership’ with INSIGNIA was contractually regulated in a ‘Collaboration Agreement’. This contractual agreement only and exclusively provided for the marketing of FK Austria Wien through the initiation of contractual relationships with international sponsors / investors or regulated. “

Means: In sporting matters, Insignia has, contrary to their opinion, not to interfere. There is also a veto regarding the failure to pay more than seven million euros.

According to Sur and Bursac, there was never an agreement on this. “There is also a legally binding document and thus a guarantee of € 7.0 million from a company close to INSIGNIA. With the same managing director as the 70% shareholder of ‘International Marketing GmbH'”, clarify the violets.

Sponsorship negotiations with Insignia put on hold

Executive Board member Gerhard Krisch also explains unequivocally: “There is no order or any other contractual agreement that INSIGNIA or ‘International Marketing GmbH’ should also” further develop “Wiener Austria in terms of sport.

These statements from Aleksandar Bursac (“… the mandate to develop the club as a whole …”) and Luka Sur (“Our task is to raise the club’s marketing to a new level and to promote sporting development. All of this is contractually documented “) do not correspond to the jointly agreed contractual intentions.”

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The fact that Austria should have acknowledged players recommended by Insignia with disinterest also comes across in the distribution group: “Regardless of this, in the course of our cooperation, INSIGNIA’s references to possible, interesting players were always checked. After almost all of the suggested players were not due to our economic situation were financially feasible, possible player commitments, such as on the last day of the transfer window, failed precisely because of this, “continues Krisch.

In conclusion, the statement says:

“After 8 months later, not a single potential sponsor has been presented – as promised and announced several times – INSIGNIA has agreed to be the first sponsor to step in and negotiate a” sponsoring agreement “with us Negotiations have provided both sides with equivalent preliminary work. Unfortunately, no agreement has been reached to this day. “

“Therefore the negotiations with INSIGNIA regarding a sponsorship agreement will be terminated with immediate effect and no further advertising services will be provided.”

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