Bundesliga: “Lewandowski tested the referee”

Stegemann: Lewy tested referees

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Sascha Stegemann explains the changes in the offside rule in STAHLWERK Doppelpass. In the case of Robert Lewandowski, the FIFA referee chats inside the box.

FIFA referee Sascha Stegemann has STAHLWERK double pass on SPORTS1 commented extensively on changing the offside rule.

“There hasn’t been a revolution in the offside rule, only a clarification as to when the ball comes from the opponent and the offside is then cancelled. According to the rules, the ball comes from the opponent if it is played intentionally. The question is: What does intention mean? A controlled back pass into the opponent’s run can be said to be intentional. If I get the ball shot into the leg from 20 centimeters at 30 km/h and then it bounces away, it’s not on purpose.”

Stegemann explains two different approaches to the technical aids of the VAR. “The question is: where do you want to go, what is the basic idea of ​​the video assistant? We introduced the VAR back then to filter out clear and obvious wrong decisions. That’s how we started back then and set the threshold for intervention very high.” (DATA: Bundesliga results and schedule)

The question is: “Do you want to stick to the basic idea of ​​the video assistant? Or will we lower the intervention threshold and go more towards the basic idea of ​​a second chance for the referee? This results in more interruptions. In Germany we are still where we are: clear and obvious mistakes. But that is a question of philosophy.”

Lewandowski? “When he came fresh to Bayern…”

Asked about Robert Lewandowski, Stegemann chatted from the sewing box. “We got to know each other better over the years and at the end of the day we got along well,” says the referee.

At first, however, it was more difficult. “When he just came to Bayern, he was someone who kept trying to test the referee and see where the limits are and how far he can go.”

Stegemann’s conclusion: “Chemistry has developed very well over the years. He is an absolute top professional with a really outstanding attitude. It’s a shame for the league that he left Germany.” (NEWS: all current information on the Bundesliga)

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