Bundesliga managers want more money from foreign marketing

“150 million is not the claim we have,” criticized the chairman of the management of the first division club at the SpoBis congress in Düsseldorf. The rights are “sold completely below market”.

Last season, the league had earned around 150 million euros net abroad. According to dpa information, the German Football League is forecasting around 170 million for the current season.

DFL boss Donata Hopfen had previously said at the congress about rights marketing abroad: “We have potential there. We’re hanging on there.« Hopfen, who have been employed by the DFL since January, gave the clubs no hope of rapid growth and referred, among other things, to long-term agreements. According to her, contracts that expire next year have a volume of just twelve million euros.

“It must be the aim to increase revenues,” said Oliver Mintzlaff from RB Leipzig. In this area, hops have »taken on a difficult legacy«. Mintzlaff also appealed “to the personal responsibility of the clubs”. The RB boss wants to “hold the clubs accountable” when it comes to traveling abroad. Mintzlaff suggested: “Those who do not get involved participate less or not at all.”

Carsten Cramer from the management of Borussia Dortmund made a similar statement. “We can be more present,” said Cramer and asked provocatively: “Why always do training camps in Switzerland or Austria?”

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