Bundesliga promoted Werder Bremen does not want to take on the costs of space storming

Aftermath of promotion to the Bundesliga: Werder Bremen is legally defending itself against the fine of 47,800 euros imposed by the DFB for the riots surrounding the last game of the season against Regensburg (2-0), as the club announced. In the course of the ascent celebrations, there was, among other things, a pitch storm with injuries.

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Surprising rationale: In its statement, the club pointed out that the incidents “could not have been prevented”. In addition, all possible measures were exhausted in the run-up to the game to prevent such fan behavior.

No alternative course of action: It is unclear to the club how it should have behaved differently: “There was no possibility of lawful alternative behavior,” as President Dr. Hubertus Hess-Grunewald emphasized. This is one of the reasons why a sports court judgment should have far-reaching consequences beyond the specific case.