Bundesliga: protesters tie themselves to posts in Frankfurt’s 1-2 draw against Freiburg! – Bundesliga

Protest action in the Bundesliga!

Just seconds after the game between Frankfurt and Freiburg (1:2) kicked off, two protesters interrupted the game for three minutes.

Two men with white T-shirts and the inscription “Last generation – stop the fossil madness” run towards the goal of Eintracht keeper Trapp and tie themselves to the right and left post with cable ties around their necks.

A man ties himself to the goalpost of Eintracht keeper Kevin Trapp in protestPhoto: DANIEL ROLAND/AFP

Referee Brych interrupts the game immediately. After folders can loosen the cable ties, the men are led off and the game can be continued.

Who is behind the protest? “Last Generation” is an alliance of environmental activists who want to force government action on the climate crisis.

In January, activists from the alliance blocked parts of the A 103 and A 114 autobahns in Berlin, which was later followed by similar actions on the A 100 city autobahn. There were similar protests in other cities as well, in the form of roadblocks, with activists sticking their hands to the roadway.

There was a similar action in the Premier League a few weeks ago!

There, too, student Louis McKechnie (21) interrupted the game during the Everton game against Newcastle United (1-0) at Goodison Park in Liverpool by also tying himself to a goalpost with a cable tie around his neck.

To the game: Grifo (27th) and Petersen (69th/101st Freiburg goal) shoot the Breisgauer to victory. The equalizer from Kostic (54th) is not enough for Eintracht, which probably gives up the last chance to catch up with the international places in a direct duel. Kamada’s alleged equalizer (86′) is withdrawn for offside – right!

But the whole of Frankfurt is now looking forward to the Europa League hit on Thursday: Then the second leg at FC Barcelona (first leg 1-1) is coming up.