A body check, a pack formation and two red cards: This is the balance of the injury time of the Bundesliga match between SC Freiburg and Eintracht Frankfurt. Frankfurt captain David Abraham had run in the fifth minute of injury time to the Freiburg substitute bench to perform a quick throw-in. He met Freiburg coach Christian Streich, whom Abraham summarily raced.

Streich fell to the ground, for Abraham and Vincenzo Grifo, who took the Frankfurt captain in a pack formation after the action against prank in the face, there was red. Read through the picture gallery, how the situation escalated – and how the main actors again tolerated:

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Eintracht Frankfurt tweeted after the game a photo on which Grifo and Abraham shook hands: "Christian Streich, David Abraham and Vincenzo Grifo have spoken out after the game," it said in the post. Also Freiburg's Twitter account shared the picture and wrote: "After the game you shake hands."


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