Bundesliga. The referee whistles a half-time penalty from Mainz-Freiburg with video assistance


The match of the 30th day of Bundesliga between Mainz and Friborg was the scene of a scene never seen in the history of European football. The referee has decided, with the help of video assistance, to give a penalty kick to Mainz after hissing the half-time! The Friborg players had to leave the locker room after several minutes of confusion. Mainz triumphed over their opponent in a crucial match for the maintenance. What revive the debate on video arbitration.
It is a hallucinating scene and never seen on a football field. The closing match of the 30th Bundesliga day between Mainz and Freiburg should be remembered for a long time. Referee Guido Winkmann, assisted by the VAR, the video refereeing system used in the Bundesliga, gave a penalty to Mainz, while he had whistled the half-time and some players had returned to the locker room! The scene takes place at the end of the first half of this clash of the Bundesliga. A Friborg player knocks a hand into the box. The referee does not see it and hisses half-time, the score is then 0-0. But Guido Winkmann is informed by his assistants, whose role is to watch the game on screens, the previous action. After several minutes of confusion, Mr. Winkmann uses a screen at the edge of the field to review the scene. He then indicates the penalty point and asks the players of Friborg to return to the meadow!

The Argentine Pablo De Blasis does not pray and transforms the sentence, after 7 minutes of “additional time”. Mainz finally won 2-0 and made an excellent operation to maintain and drag Freiburg in position of barrage.


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