Bundestag: CDU politician Hauer collapses during speech – first details on health


In the Bundestag a politician of the CDU collapsed during a speech. The session was interrupted.

  • The Bundestag had dramatic moments on Thursday morning.
  • The CDU politician Matthias Hauer collapsed in front of the camera.
  • Now there is first information about his health.

Berlin – Dramatic minutes in the Bundestag! Of the CDU politician Matthias Hauer breaks on Thursday at 10.20 clock in front of the camera together. Already while Hauer is at the lectern, it stands out: The CDU man shakes strongly, breathing heavily.

Bundestag: Matthias Hauer of the CDU trembles during the end of his speech before collapsing

Even as his gaze sweeps into the distance and Hauer clings to the lectern, a colleague rushes to him, she supports him and speaks to him. Hauer sink his legs away, the live broadcast of the Bundestag is interrupted, while a bunch of colleagues around Hauer stands.

Previously, Matthias Hauer had given his speech on the use of cash, in which he inter alia questioned the credibility of the AfD, the "saviors of cash" would play, although they would be the digital currency lira uncritically. The party had introduced a bill for cash.

Collapse in the Bundestag: Hauer from the CDU can not finish his speech

Towards the end of Speech by Matthias Hauer it came to that collapse, he breathes hard before. When he stops, the members of parliament still laugh, but they quickly realize the situation.

Speech Matthias Hauer – Wolfgang Kubicki expresses his health

The meeting in the Bundestag was through Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble interrupted for about an hour and continued at 11.30. The other MEPs have made their speeches on the agenda item about cash and will not present it any more. Loud Wolfgang Kubicki, who opened the meeting, Matthias Hauer was "fully stabilized" and "fully responsive".

In the aftermath, Wolfgang Kubicki then criticizes the network, in which "some pitiful comments" on the incident are circulating and asks for "respect for the person and the dignity of our colleagues."

Schreckmoment in the Bundestag: CDU politician Hauer collapses during speech together

More detailed information about the current Health status of the CDU politician there is not any. According to his Bundestag office, Matthias Hauer was treated by paramedics and paramedics, reports Focus. The politician was taken to a hospital. Essen's Matthias Hauer has been a member of the German Bundestag since 2013.

Just recently there was another frightening moment when Economy Minister Peter Altmaier crashed off a stage. Also Angela Merkel is because of her tremor attacks again and again topic of conversation.


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