Bundestag: CDU politician Matthias Hauer collapsed during a meeting – politics


CDU politician Matthias Hauer (41) suffered during a meeting in the Reichstag a feeble attack. Hauer had already visibly trembled during his speech. The meeting was interrupted, the auditorium vacated.

Hauer had held his speech on cash use for minutes without incident. Suddenly he seems to lose the thread, the words do not want to come over his lips, as the recordings of Bundestag.tv show. Then Hauer breathes harder, the thumb of his right hand trembles uncontrollably. Then other participants rush to the rescue – and the camera pans off. From a distance you can see Hauer lying on the floor, then the live broadcast is interrupted.

Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) interrupted the meeting. Hauer was medically treated, according to the Bundestag.

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