Bundestag: Kubicki interrupts session – doctors rush to help politician

Germany Kubicki interrupts session

Emergency in the Bundestag again – doctors rush to the left-politician to help

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MP of the CDU collapses during the Bundestag speech

Matthias Hauer of the CDU is currently speaking in the Bundestag, when he suddenly starts to shake and finally collapses. In the video you can see his speech here before he suffers from the onset of weakness.

For the second time this Thursday, a meeting of the Bundestag was interrupted because of a medical emergency. In the morning, the CDU politician Matthias Hauer collapsed.

ZFor the second time within a few hours, a medical emergency has come in the plenary hall of the Bundestag. During a roll call, a doctor was suddenly called on Thursday evening.

What exactly happened was initially unclear. Bundestag Vice-President Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) interrupted the parliamentary session immediately, while many MPs were still standing in front of the ballot box. "Sit down," said Kubicki. "And it would be nice if the outside broadcast was interrupted by the television pictures." About 15 minutes later, the vote was repeated.

Bundestag vice-president Claudia Roth, who took over the post of Kubicki, said: "I would like to inform you that our colleague is doing better in the circumstances." Roth thanked the doctors among the MEPs, who reacted immediately.

Simone Barrientos is said to have suffered a feeble attack

Simone Barrientos is said to have suffered a feeble attack

Source: pa / dpa / Karl-Josef Hildenbrand

Left-wing politician Anke Domscheit-Berg wrote on Twitter: "In a roll call vote a few minutes ago, a member of my group suffered a feeble attack. She came to herself after a few minutes. There were doctors among the deputies. We shielded her with towels. What a day. "According to the group, the person concerned was the member Simone Barrientos.

Incident already in the morning

A few hours earlier, MP Matthias Hauer had already had to stop his speech because of health problems.

It was about an AfD application for the "protection of cash". Hauer was in a good mood during his speech, joked, criticizing the AfD group that they wanted to simultaneously promote digital currencies. "I'm coming to the end," said Hauer and joked still, he makes it exciting today.

Then it suddenly struck the 41-year-old language. Hauer's eyes went nowhere, he began to shiver, could not speak anymore. After the plenary had just laughed at Hauer's jokes, first colleagues noticed that something was wrong, and stormed to his side.

They reassured Hauer, who was not even approachable at first, but then at least responded to another question whether he could sit down with a weak voice and a "yes".

Colleagues rushed to the side of the CDU politician

Colleagues rushed to the side of the CDU politician

Source: WORLD

Hauer laid down with the help of other deputies on the floor, then the Bundestag session was interrupted. Hauer, who grew up in Essen, has been a Member of Parliament since 2013, representing the Essen III constituency, where he prevailed with only 93 votes ahead of SPD candidate Petra Hinz, who was later criticized for her fatalities in her CV.

Domscheit-Berg (left) had already criticized on this date on Twitter the work situation in the German Bundestag as "misanthropic". It is forbidden for members to drink in the plenary hall – not even water is allowed, it criticizes, which could lead to dehydration. In addition, Thursdays had agendas that went "from 9 in the morning without any pause until theoretically five in the morning." In practice, it is often "already" between two and three o'clock.

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