News Bundeswehr order: Germany sinks the shipyard industry

Bundeswehr order: Germany sinks the shipyard industry


Ladies shipyard in Vlissingen

The Dutch are considered reliable and technologically good.

(Photo: imago / Hollandse Hoogte)

With the award of the multi-billion dollar frigate order MKS 180, the Federal Government has set the course for the reorganization of the German shipyards. The Dutch shipyard was awarded the contract and will now build four multi-purpose combat ships (MKS 180).

The units are manufactured in the building docks of the Bremen Lürssen shipyard, but essential parts such as design and construction are taken over by the Dutch. With Thales, the electronics also provides a French arms supplier.

MKS 180 is not just any order. The frigates, which are said to be usable with a length of 180 meters in worldwide waters, cost at least 5.3 billion euros. It should become the backbone and flagship of the water forces. And the order should send a signal: the black and red government coalition wanted to lay the foundations for the strengthening of the German shipyard industry with the ships.

But now we don't get anything out of it. Technologically, the domestic shipyards should become world leaders, as it is essentially stated in the coalition agreement. However, the industry has recently been a long way from this vision. Even the simplest units could not be delivered on time and at the agreed price.

The problem was mainly with the market leader Thyssen-Krupp Marine Systems (TKMS). The federal government has now rejected its former home supplier twice. First, the ministerial staff sorted out the direct offer of the Ruhr group, then rejected the German Naval Yards (GNY) that remained with women, who wanted to build the MKS 180 units together with Thyssen-Krupp.

The decision for women is understandable. The Dutch are considered reliable and technologically good. With the award, the Ministry of Defense is now creating facts that are incompatible with the coalition agreement. Without a stake in MKS 180, Thyssen-Krupp and GNY will not exist on the world market.

Which navy buys from a shipyard that doesn't even have the confidence of its home country? Without this basis, the shipyards will not remain independent for long. There is great interest in TKMS in particular, as the group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of submarines.

Since the potential buyers are located abroad, the Federal Government is not likely to have laid the foundation for strengthening the industry with the MKS 180 deal, but rather crumbled it. The failure of politics is now linked to the failure of industry in the past.

More: It is the largest naval order in the history of the Federal Republic: the Dutch shipyard is to build the large combat ships MKS 180. This has far-reaching consequences.

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