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In Kazakhstan, a 33-year-old woman decided to venture into a jump jump. ‘bungee’, which turned out to be more dangerous than it appeared.

Yevgenia LeontyevaConfident and determined, she threw herself 24 meters high, but unfortunately a security breach led to her death.

The ‘bungee’ jumping is classified as one of the most extreme activities. For this reason, the people who do it should make sure they do it in certified and trustworthy places.

The awesome video of the fall was shared and in no time went viral.

In the video, it is possible to see how the woman, a mother of three children, throws herself into the void from the roof of a hotel in Karaganda, confident that she would be subject.

However, after the launch, the woman was not lifted by the supports and, in a matter of seconds, hit the ground.

The woman confidently launched herself from the security team

The people below saw the fall. In the video you can hear the desperate cries of people asking for help.

According to a local health spokesperson to East2West, the woman “underwent a craniotomy and removal of the hematoma.”

However, despite the efforts of the people who helped her, the serious injuries in the skull they did not allow the woman to stay alive.

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The event moved more than one Internet user, who gave their opinion on the event.

Some expressed their annoyance at the lack of professionalism of the instructors and security team, as well as the irresponsibility of the deceased.

According to the specialized portal ‘Deporte Extremo Perú’, to carry out this type of activity it is important to “find out about the places where they can be practiced, find out about the safety measures, observe the other jumpers, listen to the instructors and make sure you have a good physical condition”.

Accidents at tourist attractions in the country

The ‘bungee’ must be practiced in appropriate places


Javier Nieto Álvarez / TIME

Regarding the woman’s case, the city authorities opened a investigation to determine the responsibility of the ‘bungee’ company.

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