Bungie has been working on new games for three years

Bungie is working hard on content for Destiny 2, but in the meantime it has been working on several new games for a while.

Bungie is working on several new projects. CEO Pete Parsons said this in an interview with Metro.

According to Parsons, Bungie started developing various ‘incubations’ about three years ago: test projects for new games that also revolve around ‘building teams’.

“It’s an advantage to have a successful game like Destiny and to work on incubations that are promising,” said the CEO. “We are very excited about continuing the Destiny universe, and because we have so much talent, these incubations are fantastic.”

According to Parsons, Bungie is now hiring more employees than ever before. With the studio largely working from home due to the pandemic, a quarter of the employees would have never set foot in the studio.

Halo veteran Jason Jones and Destiny designer ME Chung, among others, are currently working on new projects. One of the games may be codenamed Matter, for which a trademark was registered in 2018.



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