Bunning’s vegan sausage hiss is provoking outrage on social media

The Australian hardware chain Bunnings is known nationwide for its affordable prices – and the iconic sizzle of sausages.

The outdoor event is a way for community groups to collect donations, and while a hook served on white bread with onions is standard, one organization, Greyhound Adoptions WA, defies tradition.

Next Thursday, Bunnings in Rockingham, Western Australia, will host a vegan sausage sizzle, an event that is a first for the state.

And although there is no denying that the money is for a good cause, angry flesh eaters have flocked to the social media to say that they are outraged by the deviation.

A Facebook post about the planned event has collected 3,500 reactions and 3,700 comments. Many say that there is no place for a vegan hook at bunnings.

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“Forget it,” wrote one person, adding, “Who wants vegans? You shouldn’t transfer this to customers … offer both and be fair! “

While another said, “These vegan things are not sausages. Stop insulting a good meal. Oh – and yes, I think it’s a great fundraiser for greyhounds. Why not serve both and please everyone? “

A third added: “Good luck. I am a meat eater and if I went to Bunnings, no matter how good it is, I would not try a fake vegan sausage filled with salt, which is probably worse for you than a real meat sausage. “

A Bunnings customer also speaks 9news When asked whether he would be tempted to try a meat-free hook, he said the move was “very un-Australian”.

However, he added that he would try.

While many commentators didn’t have a vegan sausage bar, some, since it benefited an animal charity, made sense to serve meat-free products.

“I think it’s a great idea and yes, I agree to fundraising to save an animal, but selling another animal just doesn’t seem right. I hope it’s a great success,” said one.

For a second, said, “Well done, Bunnings and the Greyhound Charity. Over time, vegetarians and vegans can have a catch with bunnings. “

Another added: “It makes sense not to cook animals if you collect donations to support animals. Good for them, I hope they raise a lot of money for the beautiful dogs.”

According to a Facebook post by Greyhound Adoptions WA, the idea came up to run a plant-based fundraiser after a similar event in Melbourne was successful.

“At Greyhound Adoptions WA, we’d like to take on anything new, and one of our team suggested that after the sausage in Victoria was successful, we would go to Bunnings Rockingham to make a vegetable-based sizzle,” the message said .

“The team discussed GAWA’s involvement in this groundbreaking sausage sizzle in WA and supported the vegan community in their selection!

“Thanks to Jimmy, an animal rights lawyer who was approached, he agreed to take the plan on board, arranged a petition, and corresponded with Bunnings and Ellen to make everything possible.”

A report from 9news More than 200 people have signed a petition encouraging Bunnings to allow the vegan fundraiser.

The hardware giant said that its fundraisers reflect diversity in the community.

News.com.au asked Bunnings for a comment.


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