Burgos City Council will contribute money to reopen the pilgrims’ hostel | Radio Castilla | Present

He Burgos City Council studies an agreement with the association of Friends of the Santiago’s road in order to reopen the pilgrims’ hostel of the House of Cubes Fernán González Street, closed due to the pandemic and the debt that the managing entity carries. To the € 30,000 deficit that the association has, we must add the cost of adapting the facilities to the requirements of the health authorities. The president of Municipal Institute of Culture, Nuria Barrio, does not specify the amount of the agreement that will be offered to the board of Amigos del Camino but is aware of the importance of providing this service once the passage of pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela.

The Association of Friends of Santiago will value this month if you resign to the management of the municipal hostel for pilgrims of Burgos. Since entering service in 2011 covered management and maintenance costs with the contributions of the pilgrims, who pay five euros to spend the night in the facilities. Last year they had already entered about 80,000 euros by now, this year they have only 5,000 euros. They accumulate a debt of 30,000 euros, after having lost about 16,000 users, that they can no longer continue assuming without municipal help.

The three shelter workers are currently in FOR HIM and 9,000 months have also been spent on maintenance and a similar amount on running costs, such as electricity, water or heating. the president of the association, Jesus Aguirre, consider that they will not be able to continue filling the economic hole with funds from the non-profit entity. He insists that, even in the event that they renounce to continue managing the hostel, the association will continue to operate and carry out dissemination and promotion tasks of the Jacobean route.

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