Burgos exceeds 9,000 blood donations in 5 months

The president of the Brotherhood of Blood Donors of Burgos, Francisco del Amo, announced today that Burgos has registered some 9,050 donations to date, “900-odd more than last year.” Thus, they celebrate that the city and province continues “in the lead” in donation rate. In this sense, Del Amo indicated that Burgos has a donation ratio of 58.26 donations per thousand inhabitants, while the national average is 25 or 26 per thousand inhabitants.

“We can demand little of our donors,” said the president of the Brotherhood in statements to the Ical Agency, minutes before the start of the Ordinary General Assembly that the Brotherhood celebrates at the Royal Monastery of San Agustín de Burgos. Along these lines, Del Amo recalled that in 2022, the number of donations in Burgos was 20,683, “he stresses.

The first semester was quite weak, then we recovered and we got well above the previous year,” he said, referring to the figures for 2021, which did not exceed the barrier of 20,000 donations.

That year, there was also a total of 1,528 new donors and from the Brotherhood of Blood Donors of Burgos they hope that this number will continue to grow, and especially reach young people. Along these lines, Del Amo regrets that this is one of the “big problems” within donation campaigns, reaching more young people.”

The highest rate of donations is from 45″, he indicates, the age from which people can have “more ailments”. Despite this, he affirms that children who are not of age to donate, “drag their parents ” To do it.

2023-06-03 20:01:42

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