Burning Korans by the Ukrainian Military Tool of the Nazi Policy to Insult

The viral video shows a soldier ripping up a Koran and then burning it. Photos/youtube/bf

TEHERAN – The viral video on social media shows several Ukrainian soldiers burning the holy Koran, which sparked anger among Muslims. The move was accused of being one of the hallmark tools of Nazi policy.

“The recent incident with the burning of Korans by the Ukrainian military was, on the one hand, a provocation, and on the other hand, a manifestation of deliberate offensive behavior towards opposing parties,” Iranian lawyer and legal expert Ali Mehrpour Lashkenari told Sputnik.

“This has always been one of the tools of Nazi policy: to humiliate and humiliate the enemy. One can recall many similar cases in the history of fascist Germany and Italy, when this tactic was used widely,” said Ali Mehrpour Lashkenari.

Footage circulating on social media earlier showed several Ukrainian soldiers burning the Muslim holy book, the Koran.

Based on UN Human Rights Council Resolution 1418, which condemns any action aimed at insulting or discriminating on religious grounds, one could hardly expect such a move in relation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to the Iranian lawyer.

“Political bias and anti-Russian sentiments are unlikely to allow the Human Rights Council and other UN agencies to put this issue on the agenda and give it a proper assessment,” he stressed.

Other experts also condemned the burning of the Quran. “Using the pages of the Qur’an to light a fire is abominable and disgusting,” affirmed Afghan political scientist Yahya Chawosh.

“Ukrainian fascist and sympathizer of Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, who fought against Russia and its people, has not shied away from any action. This move can only be described as outrageous, criminal and fascist. The incident has angered Russian Muslims fighting in Ukraine, fueling their hatred of the Ukrainian Army. The actions of the Ukrainian military have also fueled anger in Afghanistan,” the political scientist underlined.