Burning of churches in Canada after the discovery of graves of indigenous children

The deaths of indigenous children shake Canada. Sources of these communities assure that 751 tombs have been discovered in the old Indian residential school Marieval. These are in addition to another 251 found in another boarding school. Both were coordinated by the Catholic Church.

“I remember that when we were children and we had funerals, we walked to the end of the path where he was buried. Now I remember that they told us” don’t go through here, don’t go there, we think there are bodies under there. […] “We are just at the beginning, this is only the second discovery publicly,” explains Chasity Dilorme, a member of the indigenous community.

The government has invested more than three million euros to search for more graves, although public efforts are not calming spirits. At least four churches have been burned as a result of the finds.

Until 1990 some 150,000 indigenous children were forced to remain in 129 boarding schools in the country. Culture and language were separated from their families and many suffered torture and abuse. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not rule out an investigation into these events. In addition, he has asked Pope Francis to travel to the country to apologize.


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