Burov will look for GKR cooperation partners for the Saeima elections

Speaking about the chances of “Honor to serve Riga” to be elected to the parliament, A. Ameriks explains that it is not so impossible, because during its ten years of existence it has become known outside Riga as well. For comparison, he mentions “Latvia and Ventspils” and the Liepaja party, which, despite their regional character, are known at the national level.

Asked whether GKR views these parties as potential partners for a common list for the Saeima elections, he recalls that these parties already have stable partners – GKR is looking for other political forces with common values. O. Burov also says that it is too early to call potential partners by name.

However, this will be one of his most important works for the near future, as he was elected the only candidate for party chairman at the party’s congress last Saturday. Only one congressional delegate voted against him.

Addressing the participants of the congress, O. Burov lamented the lack of experience in the current management of the municipality, which is well illustrated by the temporary solutions to the problems often used by the councilors. However, this is not only a problem for Riga, because Latvia in general also has a shortage of professional and pragmatic politicians who are not afraid to make decisions. Therefore, GKR is the right political force that should represent the public interest at the national level, because GKR is only a politician who is not afraid to make long-term decisions.

Burov also recalled that before the election, GKR’s political rivals, who later celebrated the victory, promised to build new kindergartens. Initially, money was even earmarked for next year’s budget, but the budget amendment in early November deleted this issue. Also, the current coalition has not been able to absorb the previously planned 20 million euros.

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A. Ameriks spoke about the degradation of political morality in Latvia. He pointed out to the congress that the time is a time of challenge, change of habits and change of mind. “The pandemic crisis, the distance from each other and the inability to find eye contact have caused a lot of anger, a lot of confusion,” said Amerik. He also pointed to the low level of trust in politicians among Latvians, while in other European Union countries it is significantly higher.

“Elsewhere, at such a low level, the government would probably be in for extraordinary elections to renew the mandate of confidence. (..) No one has spoken to us about it. As we say, Prime Minister Kariņš is irreplaceable, another coalition is not possible. But when you go to the graveyard, a lot of irreplaceable people sleep there as well, ”joked the former chairman of GKR.

The party also decided to reduce the number of members of the party’s board. Instead of the current 15 members, there will now be 11. Five councilors of Riga were elected to the reformed board – O. Burovs Juris Radzevičs, Dainis Turlais, Ainārs Baštiks and Jakovs Rafalsons. The other six members of the new board are Ausma Cimdiņa, a professor at the University of Latvia, Romans Alijevs, a director of the Riga State Classical Gymnasium, Diāna Novicika, a businessman, Andris Treimanis, a football referee, Guntis Dūda, a Riga municipal police officer, and Natālija Ābola, a TV presenter and producer. J. Radzevičs was elected Deputy Chairman of the Party Board.

Until now, GKR has been represented in the Riga City Council, where it formed the ruling coalition for eight years together with Saskaņu, but it has been in opposition since the last elections. In the European Parliament, Ameriks was elected from the “Harmony” list, where he started together with the leader of “Harmony” and the former mayor of Riga, Nils Ušakovs.

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