He Crossfit and functional training has introduced a series of terms that we all use with normality into our gym vocabulary. W do you play today burpees? "says actor Roger Berruezo to his personal trainer, former military Remon Taal." Yes, today he plays annihilate calories for a tube with an exercise that puts into operation all muscles of your body "(read with an accent Dutch).

Men's Health has sneaked into Remon and Roger's training to see how the 'Ghost, the musical' actor trains, one of the latest hits of Madrid's Gran Vía. The burpees they form a fundamental part of their routine and that is how Remon assures "it is an exercise fat burn excellent that you can do it wherever you want and also as many times as you can, so it's perfect if you don't have much time to train. "

How burpees are made

The burpees They are an exercise that is done at a certain speed, especially if you do them at a specific time, and sometimes the technique compromises in favor of the effort and can cause discomfort in the training. Keep in mind that the path your body takes from the ground to the jump is very wide, so the burpees technique You have to stay your best.

As you can see in the video, you start from the table position, with your hands at shoulder height, your head facing forward and your abdomen in tension. From there, it goes to a flexion of elbows that leaves the chest a few centimeters from the ground (without touching it in any case) and goes back with the head facing forward and the back straight.

When you come up from the flexion, we squat down to work your legs and buttocks and from there below, you take an explosive jump upwards looking for the highest possible height. Remember to keep your back straight and your chest raised in this jump. When falling, soft knees to avoid injuries and return to the ground.

How to make burpees series

All of them require good coordination and adjust the pace of the burpees as you progress: start with sets of 10 repetitions without putting time, go to 15, 20 and 25 repetitions and dose your energies to reach with breath until the end.

If you enter the time factor, as is done in the WODs of Crossfit from AMRAP -'As Many Repetitions As Possible'- start for a minute and at a slow pace that helps you maintain the technique and fix it to your body and try to improve yourself in the following sessions.

Burpees over the bar, intensify your work

If you got here, you are an expert in burpees or you have found in this exercise the Holy Grail of cardio in the gym, of which we are glad. If you want to make them even more demanding, bet on the Burpees over the bar.

The technique is very similar, from table to flex, from squat to flex and from there … horizontal jump to overcome an obstacle, which can be an Olympic bar with discs, a low fence or a drawer at a reasonable height.

The series, for repetitions as we have told you or for time, taking into account that burpees over the bar they will force you to make a greater effort and the technique has to be more refined.

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