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Burst queries and checks: teachers and students grappling with the end of the school year

by archyw

Less than a month to go until the end of school and after returning to attendance, the workload for the students has increased in view of the end of the school year.

On Il Fatto Quotidiano, an article by Mauro Sandini, which brings to light the testimony of a teacher, Luisa, published on Facebook.

“Many colleagues, taken by the program to be followed at all costs, as soon as they returned to attendance began to set questions and checks in bursts”, writes the teacher who then brings to light a concrete case: “Yesterday I enter one of my classes: for the next lesson we had the verification (set for three weeks). The boys beg me not to do it. “Why?” I ask. “Prof this week we have eight checks (!!!) without counting the questions “. I look at the diary on the electronic register, it is true … I remain frozen. And an avalanche outburst begins ”.

Then he adds: “The kids are exhausted, they say (rightly) if they have all these tests, what do they learn? Nothing, because they don’t even have time to fix things. Quite right. The tension grows until the best in the class, trembling screams: “This is not school, so I can not go on.” No comments are needed. I send him to the bathroom to wash his face and reassure him that this will not continue. Even if inside of me I know it’s not like that “.

All this comes after the sensational protest of the students of the classical high school “Manzoni” in Milan who occupied the school yard in protest. This is not an isolated case: other student movements in other schools have complained about the same problems, namely the excessive amount of questions that students have to face since distance learning for high schools ended. On the other hand, however, during digital teaching it was not always easy to propose remote questions and verifications on many occasions.

Flurry of questions and checks after distance learning. Students protest: “We are tired”


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