Bursting into the hospital with a knife, the uncle of little Matias is hospitalized

10 year old boy killed – After having gone into a rage Ubaldo Marcelli accused an illness – He wanted to reach Mirko Tomkow, the 44-year-old arrested for the murder of his son – Reported on the loose by the carabinieri – VIDEO

Ubaldo Marcelli, the man dressed in blue

Ubaldo Marcelli, the man dressed in blue

Viterbo – Saturday morning at the funeral of his grandson Matias was sitting among the first pews of the church of Santa Maria del Soccorso, in Cura di Vetralla. At the exit, surrounded by the affection of the entire community, he bent over the small white coffin several times to kiss and caress it. Nothing could have predicted what exactly 24 hours later would happen. Ubaldo Marcelli, uncle of little Matias Tomkow, yesterday morning broke into the Belcolle emergency room armed with a knife.

Sowing panic among the corridors crowded with patients and doctors, according to what was reconstructed, he wanted to reach Mirko Tomkow, the 44-year-old worker arrested for the murder of his son and still guarded by the carabinieri in the hospital in the protected medicine ward. Perhaps to do justice to himself.

“Where’s the damned, give me the damn, I want to kill that damned”, he would shout.

Matias's uncle stuck at Belcolle hospital

Matias’s uncle stuck at Belcolle hospital

It was about 11 yesterday morning when a man, who immediately afterwards turned out to be the uncle of little Matias, would have nailed the car in front of the entrance to the ambulances, taking something from the passenger side and breaking into the emergency room, leaving the door open.

The reception operator and the security guard who were on duty, seeing him go through the entrance door without introducing himself and without a mask, would have tried in vain to block him, following him as he wandered through the emergency room and then headed towards emergency medicine in crowded corridors with staff and patients.

Matias Tomkow with his father Mirko

Matias Tomkow with his father Mirko

Suddenly Marcelli would have pulled out from under his jacket a large kitchen knife, with a rectangular blade 15-20 centimeters long. The operator who was with the security guard grabbed an IV cane and called 112, sounding the alarm and explaining that Matias’s uncle had burst into the emergency room and that he was armed with a knife and was looking for the baby’s father. Mirko Tomkow, guarded in hospital awaiting transfer to prison.

“Tell me where the damned is, I want to kill that damned one”, he would have shouted, managing to look out into a couple of rooms, while the stampede would have been unleashed among those present who were rushing to barricade themselves inside the premises, pulling the doors behind them, in terror.

There would be moments of dread when Matias’ uncle stepped up under the security guard who luckily would be cool enough to stay in control. After that, together with the other operator, who guided him with the IV stick, they would be able to direct him towards the exit.

It would all last no more than 10-15 minutes. Upon the timely arrival of the first carabinieri patrol, the uncle had already been taken outside the emergency room. On the way he would never let go of the knife. In a few moments, the intervening soldiers would have blocked him, disarmed him and handed him over to the doctors, while a second patrol arrived on the spot.

From what we learn Marcelli would have been in a strong state of shock and after having given into a rage he would have accused an illness. Now he is hospitalized for tests. He was denounced on the loose by the carabinieri.

– Matias’s uncle in the hospital with a knife: “Tell me where Mirko is! I’ll kill him “

November 22, 2021