Bus fans save their own “hot dogs” in hopes of inheriting the collective memories of Hong Kong people

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Bus fans save their own “hot dogs” in hopes of inheriting the collective memories of Hong Kong people

[Now News Channel]Non-air-conditioned buses, commonly known as “hot dog buses”, have been extinct in Hong Kong for more than ten years. Some bus fans self-finance their collections. They hope that the transportation museum planned by the government can preserve the collective memories of Hong Kong people.

Boxy, beige body, and windows that can be opened, this “Tiger Man” is the last generation of “Hot Dog Bakers”, and it has traveled between Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories for 17 years.

After the non-air-conditioned buses were fully retired in 2012, Ah P and Ah Tin funded their private retention, and even set up a special page to share their car news.

Ah P, a collector of retired buses: “Preserving a real bus, and being able to walk, is carrying history. It is really a historical relic. I call it a ‘mechanical heritage’.”

Ah Tian, ​​a collector of retired buses: “Share it to the public, or share it with those who care about these cars to know how they are doing, they are still in good condition, or at least there are still people who keep them.”

Occasionally, “Tiger Hao” will put on the test license plate commonly known as “T plate” and go out on the street.

When this bus was in service in the past, it could carry a maximum of 141 people, but it is currently in a state of private collection, limited by the test license, and can only carry a maximum of 3 people, including the driver.

Every time I walk into the downtown area, it brings back fond memories of Hong Kong people.

Mr. Lin: “I will think of the past, I will have a good aftertaste. I am very happy to see us suddenly, and I can bring my son here again. The aftertaste is the old Hong Kong.”

Mr. Su: “I have been driving buses for 40 years, and I have also driven these cars. When I saw them, I was quite shocked.”

Mr. Chen: “I want to take pictures right away. I feel very nostalgic and nostalgic. When I was riding in these cars, I was already a student.”

Traffic fans have advocated the establishment of a transport museum for many years. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department disclosed last month that it intends to build a transport museum on Lantau tomorrow. In response to inquiries, the department stated that the preliminary development plan will be launched before 2027.

It is unknown when the museum will open, and the law stipulates that retired buses can no longer run with license plates. Collectors have a dream, that is, “Hot Dog Bar” can be full of customers again.

Ah Tian: “My bus performance is good, and there are no problems with the seats. In fact, I have the ability to come out to receive some groups and citizens, and let them get on the bus for a ride.”

Ah P: “If we can issue a special antique car license to these buses with discretion, and limit the number of mileage and the number of trips, they can come out for a test drive and carry passengers as appropriate, which will be a big step forward for us.”


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