Buses on fire in Bulgaria: 45 dead. Mourning also in Maremma

SCARLINO – The tragedy of the bus that caught fire in Bulgaria on Tuesday, November 23, also affects the Maremma.

Among the 45 victims of the terrible accident there are also five relatives, two women and three children, from a family living in Scarlino. The pastor Mr Jose yesterday evening he shared his pain for what had happened with the community.

The Macedonian tourist bus, on which relatives were also traveling, had departed from Istanbul and was headed for Skopje, North Macedonia after a weekend on the Bosphorus. The vehicle entered Bulgarian territory around 9 pm at the Kapitan Andreevo border crossing, on the border with Turkey. The crash occurred on the highway near Bosnek, 40 kilometers south of Sofia, around 2am. From the first reconstructions it emerged that the bus collided with the guard rail and that the sparks from the impact would have triggered the crash. fire of the vehicle which then overturned on its side.

On board there were also two mothers with three children, respectively the sisters and grandchildren of the family living in Scarlino. “It is a brother and sister, of Macedonian origin, who live in our community with their children – explains the parish priest -. They lost their sisters and grandchildren in the accident and we are very saddened by what happened. Although the family is Muslim, I know them well, one of the children often helps me at the oratory when we organize initiatives for children. In short, we are a small community and today I will go to express the condolences of all of us ».

The tragedy is immense: the bus, which after the impact with the guard rail caught fire, turned out to be a death trap for the 52 passengers who were on board, of which only seven were saved because they managed to break the windows and jump off the bus. For the other 46, including 12 children, there was no escape. The driver would have died instantly and therefore could not unlock the doors to open an escape route from the flames. In fact, from the testimonies of the rescuers we learn that their bodies were almost completely charred. It is for this reason that the recognition of victims is very slow. The Bulgarian media speak of a “hell of fire”.

The Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, he confirmed that most of the victims were his compatriots, of Albanian ethnicity: “We do not know if they were all from North Macedonia but we assume so because the vehicle was registered in our country” were his words.