Business Law Institute: “We offer a lot to our students. On the other hand, we are very demanding »

Les Nouvelles Publications: How was the start of the new school year?

Claude-Alberic Maetz and Isabelle Grossi: She was really very rich. Bernard Cazeneuve, former Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, agreed to be the sponsor of IDA and to support the class of 2022. He gave us a very encouraging and empowering, even moving speech for this new generation of jurists. He emphasized the challenges awaiting our world and which will leave more and more room for lawyers because it is the law, and in particular business law, that will be responsible for regulating a certain number of topics relating to climate, ethics, etc.

How did the students react?

At IDA, we often say that students should consider that their fifth year of studies is actually their first year in the professional world. They have understood that they must be proactive, dynamic, curious… and that they must move from the classic posture of the student to that of a future professional who is building his profile, his career. A return to school, in an amphitheater where 400 people are, Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, the presidents of the CCIMP and Kedge, as well as a colleague from Indiana University, with whom we have signed partnerships, is not common for students aged 22 or 23. This moment was deliberately solemn. Many personalities from the economic and judicial world were present, the management and the teachers of the IDA wore their ceremonial dress. We believe and hope that they enjoyed this morning and that it will have a positive impact on their state of mind and their personal investment.

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What meaning do you give to “future professional”?

Our priority is the future of our students. The Institute’s reputation for excellence guarantees our graduates opportunities in very attractive structures (business firms, legal departments). To further promote this, we are fortunate to have very strong partnerships with business schools. This allows our graduates to benefit from privileged access, for their sixth year, to certain Grandes Ecoles such as ESCP Europe, Essec, Kedge, Em Lyon or Audentia, for example. We also offer, to students that we select, to do an LMM (legal magister) in one of the American partner universities (in Chicago, Boston, in Louisiana and in Indiana) with which we have negotiated the registration fees which are rise from $6,000 to $25,000 instead of $50,000 to $60,000. That is to say a discount that can go up to 90%. These students can also take advantage of special conditions offered by our partner, Crédit Agricole Alpes-Provence. We offer many opportunities and perspectives to our students: it is our responsibility. In return, and throughout the year, we are entitled to be very demanding with them.

That’s to say ?

We assume it and we claim it, we are demanding on the content, the academic aspect and, it is absolutely fundamental, the interpersonal skills. The world of law is a very coded world and we are very attached, for example, to our students getting up when a speaker enters the classroom. It is our role to give them the codes, the keys. What professional speakers greatly appreciate. Similarly, we make sure that our students show up to class dressed as if they were in their future firm or company because appearances, whether we like it or not, count a lot. The way of dressing, of behaving, of expressing oneself, is the first way of showing respect for an interlocutor.

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New for 2022?

We created the IDA Business-club. Why ? Because we work for companies. Our goal is to invite, three times a year, a business leader who talks about everything, except law. At the beginning of March, we received Matthieu Louvot, executive vice-president of programs at Airbus Helicopters. In June, we welcomed Cyril Vidal, founding president of Crosscall. Each time, more than 300 people, including a large number of business leaders, executives and business lawyers attended the event. And in November, our guest of honor will be the president of another very large company in the territory.