Business. Why developing your website is essential today

A website is a digital showcase to showcase the services or products you offer. It is an extremely useful tool to establish your activity and thereby increase your turnover.

Ensure your credibility

The vast majority of businesses these days have an online site. If you don’t have one, it will clearly be more difficult for you to reach new customers, to begin with.

In addition, since the Internet is used in a generalized way (in 2021, 93% of French households have Internet access, according to INSEE), being absent can easily prove to be penalizing, in particular with regard to the credibility of a company. . Clearly, it is easier for a consumer to trust a company that showcases its expertise online, on a dedicated website.

Be visible around the world

An online site ensures you visibility in France, but also internationally. If you export or plan to do so, being visible worldwide is naturally a boon. The Internet currently has 4.7 billion users worldwide: that’s a huge customer potential for your business.

Propose an ergonomic and design interface

Having your own website is the first step. Developing it skillfully, so as to transform it into a relevant web tool, of value and likely to have a real impact on its users, is a second step, surely the most important!

Your online site must faithfully reflect what your company embodies, your expertise, while adequately presenting the products/services you offer. Its design, its ergonomics, its navigation, but also its message are therefore a project in its own right, made to measure and, in the best of cases, with the help of a specialist.

Because developing a website requires knowledge of good practices in this area, and obvious know-how. Seeking the services of a web development agency, such as The Tribe, specializing in the design and development of web and mobile applications, which will accompany you throughout the process, is a good idea: it is still the way the surest way to see the project that is close to your heart come to fruition in a relevant way.

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Adapt to the market

With the health crisis and successive confinements, online sales have increased considerably. The Fédération de l’e-commerce et de la vente à distance estimates that in 2020, the share of online sales in all retail trade increased from 9.8% to 13.4%, in only a year.

During this period, businesses made extensive use of online sales to maintain their sales, when their physical spaces were closed. For many companies engaged in the sale of goods, the online site has proven to be an essential tool for maintaining or diversifying an activity. For a project leader, a startup in the acceleration phase, or for any company seeking to increase productivity, but also growth drivers, etc., web and mobile products (sites, applications or others) can also be developed , to achieve the objectives set.

Designed in contact with you by specialists, these digital tools have the advantage of responding to very complex business and sometimes technical issues for you. Not to mention that they greatly improve the experience of your users.


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