A car of the carabinieri
A car of the carabinieri

Turin, 26 May 2020 – They’re dead both twin sisters 66 years old, of which we had no news for months in Bussoleno (Turin). First the carabinieri found the skeleton of one of the two sisters in the bedroom, and shortly afterwards they also found that of the other twin on the kitchen floor. The two women lived together, and they were single, retired and without relatives. Neighbors reported to the military that they hadn’t seen the twins in thirty days.

The men of the scientific investigations section were sent to the apartment in Val Susa for a further inspection, and the coroner to ascertain the causes of the deaths. The investigations were entrusted to the scientific investigations section of the investigative nucleus (SIIS Ninv), coordinated by the provincial commander of the Arma, colonel Francesco Rizzo.

The cottage was in state of abandonment. From the first investigations it seems that the last ATM withdrawal was registered a year ago, and the mailbox is full of correspondence. On a cabinet in the house the carabinieri found the identity card of one of the two women with some tickets. On one of these sheets of paper was written the name of a relative who lives in Latin America complete with telephone number and an indication to contact her in case of death. Investigators found the leaflets to detect any fingerprints.

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