busy program for the council of the Métropole de Lyon this Monday

The Council of the month of June of the Metropolis of Lyon begins this Monday rue du Lac and will last until Tuesday evening. A busy schedule awaits the councilors who will have to rule on dozens of deliberations.

Among the most important, we can find the increase in the budget for the Ecorenov system. Twenty-one million euros should be released to finance the energy renovation of 8,000 to 9,000 homes.

The vote on the new Local Advertising Regulations (RLP) will also take place. It should allow a drastic reduction in advertising in the public space, such as the dismantling of luminous screens for commercial purposes. For the latter to be adopted, it is necessary that 2/3 of the assembly be in favor, which is not yet won.

Also, the Council should approve the report of the consultation of the development project of the Right Bank of the Rhône between the bridges of Lattre de Tassigny and Gallieni. The elected officials will also grant a bonus of 300 euros to all agents of the Metropolis to deal with price inflation.

On the mobility side, a subject that is still very divisive, the debates should still be lively. Indeed, the majority of Bruno Bernard will present a new pedestrian plan “throughout the territory, in particular around schools and colleges“. But it is the creation of a new structure that should make people talk: the Lyon public mobility company (SPLM).

Creation of the Lyon public mobility company

The latter will bring together the skills of SYTRAL and the City of Lyon to “implement an ambitious mobility policy, relying on all the levers at their disposal: development of alternatives to solo driving (active modes, public transport, carpooling, car sharing), encouraging depollution and decarbonization of vehicles (low-emissions zone (ZFE), electric or bio-NGV charging stations, etc.), but also the management of parking facilities (car parking on the road, in structures, in park and rides (P+R), bike parking)“.

Currently, SYTRAL’s powers are limited to the organization of public transport (TCL, Cars du Rhône, funiculars, etc.), while the municipalities are responsible for on-street parking. With the SPLM, all the levers can be activated by the same group of decision-makers. This group will be made up of four representatives of the Metropolis of Lyon, two representatives of SYTRAL and a member of the City of Lyon. The first actions of the SPLM will take place by 2023.