“But we are there to take measures which are necessary when they are necessary”

“The decisions taken are real and important,” nevertheless believes the Prime Minister in “Le Soir”. “I also think we have to understand that we have changed our mindset. At the start, we were in a dynamic where we intervened in an extremely strong, radical way for the whole country. “

On the option of a second confinement, Sophie Wilmès affirms that she wants to avoid it at all costs: “You have seen at the human, personal and collective level how difficult it has been? “, She explained, referring to the first confinement. “Not to mention the economic spinoffs. The most precarious people were really affected even more. We must be aware of this. Obviously we want to avoid this at all costs. But again, we’re there to take action when it is needed. “

What about back to school?

On the increase in the number of cases in Belgium, the Prime Minister wants to be reassuring. “It is a situation which is worrying, not maddening,” said Sophie Wilmès, who also remains cautious about the future return to school. “It’s very difficult to say what September will be. But we approach more of a negative development in September when we are in a resumption of the circulation of the virus than if we were in a situation of dead calm. But let’s not decide until the moment we have to decide. The main thing is to make it clear that as long as everyone is not careful, there will be an increased danger and that this caution can be imposed as it is done, but it must also come from the population, and most of the people did. ”


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