Bute in it really time, advises Buffett as protection against inflation


The best thing you can do is feel good about it, said the legendary investor. He cited professions such as lkai and first-graders as an example, and explained that the people would give what they produce, they will pay for what you give them.

According to him, skills, unlike me, are resistant to inflation. He claims that this skill will maintain demand regardless of the value of the dollar. No one can take skills in you. You will not come due to inflation. By far the best investment is anything that develops. Plus, it’s not taxable at all, he added.

Buffett gave similar advice at the end of the financial crisis in 2009. He said it was best to invest in yourself.


Invested in the project by Warrena Buffetta

He said at the time that the best thing to do is invest in a great company that makes products, the demand for them is no matter how the dollar is doing. He cited companies such as Coca-Cola as an example. According to him, people will want their drinks for years to come, inflation will not play a decisive role in them.

It doesn’t matter what happens to the price level, Buffett said, because people buy products they buy, in short.

Thanks to his backward investment, Buffett earned the nickname Vtec from Omaha. According to Bloomberg, one billion is the richest hunter in the world with assets worth around $ 117 billion (2.75 trillion K).