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Do you want to buy an Apple Watch? Then you will find everything about the prices and sales points of Apple’s smartwatch on this page. You can read which models are available and from which providers you can buy the Apple Watch. If you are still unsure which size Apple Watch you should have, we will help you with that.

Buy Apple Watch in the Netherlands and Belgium

You can go to various stores for an Apple Watch:

Apple Watch modellen

You can currently buy the following models:

Apple Watch prices

As far as Apple Watch prices are concerned, you can nowadays go to several price ranges, from around 200 euros. If you find that too expensive, it is best to take a look at the second-hand circuit.

The same prices apply in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition to Apple, you can go to APRs such as Amac and FNAC and general stores such as Coolblue. Purchasing from the Apple Store has the advantage that you can use Apple Watch Studio. You can combine the watch case with almost any type of strap. You can then make exactly the combination you want and you will no longer receive a standard strap.

Apple Watch Series 6 with watchOS 7 features

The top model: Apple Watch Series 6 prices

If you want the latest of the new, choose the Apple Watch Series 6. It has a newer design with a larger screen and includes extras such as blood oxygen measurement. The S6 chip is much faster than its predecessor. It also includes all the innovations of the Series 4 and 5, such as an always-on screen, compass, ECG and fall detection.

Dutch prices Apple Watch Series 6:
– 40mm: from € 429, –
– 44mm: from € 459, –

The Apple Watch Series 6 is not yet available from other retailers.

Apple Watch SE

Affordable: Apple Watch SE prices

If you are mainly looking for an affordable smartwatch, then the brand new Apple Watch SE is for you. It has the same design and screen dimensions as the Apple Watch Series 6, but features the S5 chip, which you also find in the Apple Watch Series 5. There are a few things missing, such as always-on display, ECG and the sensor for measuring oxygen levels in your blood.

Dutch prices Apple Watch SE:
– 40mm: from € 299, –
– 44mm: from € 329, –

Apple Watch Series 3

Even cheaper: Apple Watch Series 3 prices

By far the cheapest model is the Apple Watch Series 3. This model has been around a bit longer and still has excellent specifications if you are just looking for a smartwatch. The screen is slightly smaller than the other models, but the specifications are still sufficient for productivity and sports. Apple’s suggested retail price starts at $ 219, but you can often get cheaper at other stores.

Recommended prices Apple Watch Series 3:
– 38mm: from € 219, –
– 40mm: from € 249, –

Alternative: Apple Watch Series 5 prices

With the arrival of the new 2020 models, the Apple Watch Series 5 will disappear from the store. Of course, this is still a great smartwatch, with almost all functions that you also find on the Series 6. You only miss the extra colors, the blood oxygen measurement and the slightly faster processor. If these are features that you don’t need anyway, the Series 5 is an excellent choice. This model will gradually disappear from the shops.

Buy Apple Watch Series 5:
40mm Apple Watch Series 5 (small format):

44mm Apple Watch Series 5 format (large format):

Buy Apple Watch abroad

The Apple Watch is also available in most European countries. In 2020 it is not worthwhile to go abroad, because the prices are almost the same. Moreover, the new models are always immediately available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In 2015, many Dutch people still went to Germany, France and other countries, because the Apple Watch was only sold in a limited number of countries. If you have plans to buy abroad, it is good to know that the warranty also applies in the Netherlands. So you can simply go to the Dutch or Belgian Apple Store with a broken Apple Watch, unless you have bought a model that is not available in the Netherlands or Belgium.

If you would love a stainless steel or titanium Apple Watch, you have to go abroad for this. These models are only for sale with 4G function and cannot be used in the Netherlands. Because the Apple Watch does not support roaming, your 4G data bundle from abroad is of no use in the Netherlands. All other functions of the stainless steel Apple Watch will work.

It makes no sense to purchase the Apple Watch 4G with a foreign subscription. If you would like a stainless steel Apple Watch, you can wear the 4G version and use WiFi.

Typography dial

You can also buy the Apple Watch in the US and benefit from the favorable dollar exchange rate, but keep in mind the local sales tax. Prices in the US are stated without VAT, which makes it much cheaper than in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, you have to deduct VAT from the retail price to be able to make a fair comparison. Also read: Why Apple products in the Netherlands are more expensive than in America.

In terms of purchase price, the Apple Watch often falls just above the tax-free limit of € 430, so you will have to pay customs costs upon arrival at Schiphol or Zaventem. You have a warranty on an Apple Watch purchased in the US, even if you take it to the Dutch Apple Store. However, you may only receive a 1-year warranty, because your purchase does not fall under the two-year European scheme.

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