Buy Nintendo Switch OLED: These shops still have the console


On October 8, 2021, a successor to the Nintendo Switch finally came onto the market – the Nintendo Switch OLED.

The successor model of the cult console is characterized by its larger and above all better OLED screen.

Where can you buy the new Nintendo Switch OLED? The console is currently sold out at many retailers. You can read here where you can still order them.

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The successor to the Nintendo Switch is here: the Nintendo Switch OLED. Gaming fans originally expected the new model to be a pro version of the Switch, but with the announcement of the OLED in the summer of 2021, Nintendo dispelled those rumors. The new switch is characterized above all by its larger and above all better OLED screen. In contrast to the 6.2 and 5.5 inches of the Switch and Switch Lite, the new version has a seven-inch display. The OLED technology also enables more intense colors, higher contrasts and thus an even more impressive gaming experience in handheld and table mode.

When will the Nintendo Switch OLED be released?

The Nintendo Switch OLED was officially released on October 8, 2021. Since that day, gamers have been able to play their favorite games on the improved screen of the Nintendo Switch OLED. Similar to the launches of consoles such as the Playstation 5 or the Xbox Series X, the Nintendo Switch sold out within a very short time. We’ll show you here where you can still get the console on October 11th.

Where else can I buy the Nintendo Switch OLED?

Nintendo Switch OLED – 429,00 Euro bei Proshop *

Nintendo Switch OLED – 479.00 Euro on Amazon *

Although the Nintendo Switch OLED is listed in numerous online shops, it is currently not available from most providers. This can either mean that the quotas have already been exhausted or that the dealers want to slow down sales by only selling small quantities. However, we have found a few shops where you can still buy the Nintendo Switch OLED: On Ebay *, Proshop * and Amazon *. The catch with the offers of these retailers, however, is that you pay significantly more money for the console than, for example, at Media Markt * or Saturn *, where the new switch is listed for 359.99 euros. In addition, you should be prepared for longer waiting times: Proshop expects the Nintendo Switch OLED in its warehouse from October 19th and Amazon states that the console will be ready for dispatch in one to three weeks.

Listing: You can buy the Nintendo Switch OLED at these shops

If you are (understandably) not prepared to spend more than 400.00 euros on the Nintendo Switch OLED – especially since you should be prepared for longer waiting times anyway – it is worthwhile to visit these shops regularly to see whether the console is available again :

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Looking for the best deals? Here you can find the current offers from your favorite shops:

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