Buya Arrazy’s son was shot by a Patwal member’s weapon, Propam must intervene

Thursday, 23 June 2022 – 16:34 WIB

Commissioner of National Police, Poengky Indarti. Photo: ANTARA/Evarukdijati

jpnn.comJAKARTA – The National Police Commission (Kompolnas) asked the National Police Propam to intervene in the shooting incident of the son of the famous preacher Buya Arrazy Hasyim, HSW (3) on Wednesday (22/6) in Palang Village, Tuban, East Java.

Propam was asked to examine a member of the Patwal with the initials M who was deemed negligent.

Commissioner of National Police, Poengky Indarti, suspects that there was negligence in the use and storage of firearms that led to HSW’s death.

“Propam must examine the person concerned so that there is accountability,” said Poengky to JPNN, Thursday (23/6).

According to Poengky, if the results of the Propam examination found a fatal error, the gun owner could be punished.

“The person concerned can be subject to a maximum sanction in accordance with Perpol 7 of 2022, especially if it is suspected that negligence resulted in the loss of life, he can be punished,” said Poengky.

Poengky emphasized that every member on duty must be able to store firearms in a safe place.

“Storage guns when members are praying, or temporarily off from their duties must still be stored in a very safe place, out of reach,” said Poengky.