Buying a House of IDR 30 Billion in Cash, Lucinta Luna Unloads His Money Field, This Dangdut Singer Is Amazed – Out of prison because of a drug case, Lucinta Luna claimed to have received a blessing.

Lucinta Luna learned from her past mistakes, to save a lot and not spend a lot of time.

This was revealed by Lucinta Luna on Boy William’s youtube show.

Lucinta Luna’s Adam’s Condition is Highlighted (capture/Instagram/lucintaluna_manjalita)

Getting a blessing after leaving prison, Lucinta Luna admits that she can now buy a house.

Even the luxury house was bought for cash.

The same expression was also conveyed by Lucinta Luna when she was a guest star on the Morning Pagi Pasti Happy Trans TV program.

Even Lucinta Luna admitted that the house she bought was worth Rp. 30 billion.

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Quoted by on Thursday (10/6/2021), Lucinta Luna firmly stated the figure of Rp. 30 billion for the price of her house.

“Queen Salome (Lucinta) actually bought the house for Rp 30 billion in cash,” admitted Lucinta Luna.

Lucinta Luna admitted that she bought the house with cash.

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