Buying an electric car already pays off, says Deco Protest

After having calculated the costs of owning and using the various technologies available for three car sizes: small, medium and large, Deco Proteste concluded that small and medium-sized electric cars currently purchased in Portugal are the cheapest option for many consumers and the best choice throughout the life of the vehicle. Savings and environmental sustainability are also guaranteed when purchasing an electric car.

For drivers who travel more than 25,000 kilometers a year and keep the car for six years, a mid-segment tram saves 12,600 euros and 6,300 euros on the first purchase, compared to a petrol and diesel, respectively. But, in some scenarios, even for low annual mileages (up to 5 thousand kilometers), it is already possible to obtain advantages with the option for the electric car.

The savings are, above all, significant for those who own a second- and third-hand tram, as they are less devalued and benefit most from low energy and maintenance costs.

“With adequate support and financing, consumers are able to save from day one. In the case of larger models, electric cars only start to be competitive in this analysis from 2023 onwards, with the expected reduction in the acquisition cost and the approximation to identical vehicles of other technologies”, he concludes.

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