Buying cryptocurrency and earning $1420 trillion overnight? Official: It is a display error-Hong Kong

Many people now invest in virtual currencies, hoping to take the opportunity to make more money. However, some netizens posted on Twitter recently saying that after purchasing the “Rocket Bunny” cryptocurrency for $20 (approximately HK$155) on the trading platform Coinbase, they suddenly discovered that it has soared sharply. The highest rose to more than US$183 trillion (approximately HK$1420 trillion). However, the platform indicator is only a display problem in the program, and the error is being corrected.

Recently, a U.S. netizen posted on Twitter saying that after buying $20 (approximately HK$155) of “Rocket Bunny” cryptocurrency on the trading platform Coinbase, he suddenly discovered that the cryptocurrency in the account had risen sharply the next day. To US$1.4 trillion (approximately HK$10.8 trillion), and later rose to a maximum of over US$183 trillion (approximately HK$1420 trillion).

But when he intends to transfer the cryptocurrency to anotherI found that the price was not the same as originally displayed when I was using my wallet, so I posted a post on Twitter and tagged Coinbase to request a reply. After the post was posted, many netizens responded that they encountered the same situation. Coinbase once replied to him via email that the team is reviewing Williamson’s account and will contact him again when there is news. Finally, Coinbase responded on Twitter that the error this time was a display error in the program and is working hard to correct the error, but it emphasized that the correct market price can be displayed during the transaction.

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