By number of inhabitants, Colombia is the second largest country in South America

The projections of the United Nations (UN) suggest that on November 15 the global population will reach 8,000 million people, a new record for humanity. This implies that, in just 48 years, human beings will have doubled, going from 4,000 to 8,000.

However, people are not distributed proportionally on the planet: while China and India have, respectively, 1.45 billion and 1.41 billion, respectively, Europe has 750 million and South America 439 million.

In the southern hemisphere of the continent, Brazil is by far the most populous country, with 216 million inhabitants representing almost half of the total. Second figure Colombiawith 52 millionand the projection that, at some point in this decade, Bogotá will become the fifth megacity in the region. In this category, which includes cities with more than 10 million citizens, are Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Lima. Argentina closes the podium of most populous countries, with 46 million.

They are followed in the ranking by Peru (34 million), Venezuela (28 million), Chile (20 million), Ecuador (18 million) and Bolivia (12 million). In contrast, with less than 10 million inhabitants are Paraguay, which has seven, and Uruguay, with four. These, in addition to the three countries that do not reach a million inhabitants: Guyana, which has 795,000; Suriname, with 599,000; and finally French Guiana, with a population of just 317,000 people.

This means that Bogotawhich has approximately eight million inhabitants, it is larger in population than five South American countries. These, added together, reach 12.7 million, which is equivalent, more or less, to the combined population of the capital and Medellín.where there are about four million people, the same as in Uruguay.