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  • Motorball is a very fast roller race.
  • This sport takes its name from a 40 kg egg-shaped steel ball, which must be in the hand when crossing the finish line.
  • He occupies a central place in the world of "Gunnm" and will be present in his adaptation on the big screen.

Do not look for the local club, you will not find it. Sports number 1 in the manga GunnmThe motor-ball obviously has its place in the movie Alita: Battle Angel (in the room on the 5th of February). However, if you go to the movies without reading a line of original work, it's hard for you to understand what it is. Simply put, the Motorball is a high-speed roller race (up to 300 km / h).

That's not all To be declared the winner, the first one has to cut the finish line in the possession of a "sphere called Motorball," says Jean-Baptiste Bessière, creator of the Forum Gunnm, and dreams of it. A task that is more complicated than it seems, because the Motorball is, as explained in the forum just mentioned, "a kind of 40 kg oval steel ball with three sets of three holes, between which six hemispheres turn themselves in" makes the trajectory very inaccurate "when she touches the ground." To understand what it looks like, introduce yourself
a bowling ball we grafted on
six hemispheres petanque and you get a realistic picture.

Another important detail, this sport, is reserved for cyborgs, who have the freedom to "use the weapons in their armor" to catch the precious ball, adds Jean-Baptiste Bessière.

Sport as opium of the people

To better visualize it, you should know that the Motorball is inspired by many other fictions: Rollerball, an American film by Norman Jewison, released in 1975. For the story
a remake with
Jean Reno,
LL Cool J and Chris Klein (Oz in American pie) was shot in 2002.

In addition to the purely restorative aspect of the motorized ball occupies a special place in the created by Yukito Kishiro universe. For Gauthier Lemaire, the administrator of the Gunnm and the Dream Forum, this discipline serves as a "safety valve" for the entire system. Jean-Baptiste Bessière, who explains in detail, "The aim of this sport is to maintain some balance in order to avoid rebellion or questioning the institutions."

Motorball plays a key role in Kishiro's dystopian world. "On the one hand, Zalem is the ideal utopian city reserved for an elite, on the other kuzutetsu (the dump) where the races take place, but where in chaos and violence most people (if you have seen) metropolis it's a bit the same). Apart from the fact that the manga explains well that the inhabitants of Zalem need the productions of Kuzutetsu in order to survive ".

Like the circus games in the Roman Empire, the Motorball aims to satisfy the primary instincts of the population and to calm the strongest tensions. To describe Marx and talk about sports as people's opium, there is only one step. It remains to be seen which interpretation
Robert Rodriguez will make a motorbike in his film.


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