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"By what mystery have the claims of" yellow vests "been more fiscal than salary? "

Indulgent towards bosses, protesters turn to the "president of the rich" as an outlet, says Jean-Michel Bezat in his column.

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On April 13, in Laval, protesters parade for the 22nd consecutive Saturday of gathering "yellow vests".
On April 13, in Laval, protesters parade for the 22nd consecutive Saturday of gathering "yellow vests". JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER / AFP

Chronic. His boss, Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, remained incredulous. By what miracle the seat of the Medef, in the very bourgeois 7e Paris district, was it not stuck during these Saturdays of anger where "yellow vests" attacked banks, shops and symbols of luxury, like Fouquet's? By what chance did the bosses escape their vindication? And by what mystery their claim on purchasing power – at the heart of the crisis – has it been more taxed than salary?

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As roundabouts busy forums of the great national debate, it is not the payroll that mobilized, but the tax sheet. This unprecedented phenomenon has left open country unions unable to capitalize on this movement; and it propelled the head of state to the front line – alone and summoned to meet a strong expectation of fiscal and social justice.

At least the opinion pollsters confirms it: the purchasing power remains the priority of the French, before employment, insecurity, terrorism and immigration. This is even the first topic that will influence their vote in the May 26 European election, according to the latest Odoxa survey for France Info and Le Figaro, dated April 4th. The income of the 20 million employees of the private sector, it should be first the business of business leaders, Macronie was annoyed at the beginning of the movement. This prompted Emmanuel Macron to ask those who could pay a premium year-end, which finally benefited 10% of employees for an average amount of 450 euros.

A whole people of "invisible"

This is not the opinion of "yellow vests". Their leniency for the bosses is explained first by the origin of the revolt, the increase of taxes on motor fuels. And by the heterogeneous composition of a movement aggregating employees certainly, but also craftsmen, unemployed, precarious workers, pensioners with meager pensions, single women, low-qualified officials … A whole people of "invisible" sometimes distant from the enterprise and federated by a feeling of relegation rather than by class consciousness, as in the days of the workers' struggles.


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