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After the confinement measures, it was to be expected that the following would be the mandatory use of masks. And so it has happened. This has triggered the imagination of those who find a place for a business at any opportunity in life., and what better way to take advantage of these times of crisis than by inventing a gadget able to do typical science fiction movie stuff.

And one of them is to take advantage of the fact that we have one of these masks on our faces to provide them with a certain intelligence. And what can we do with them apart from preventing us from getting infected with Covid-19? Well indeed, could dedicate himself to modulating our voice so that we speak like Darth VaderOr better yet, translate up to eight languages ​​in case we are so adventurous as to travel this summer to other countries.

Smart and connected translation

It has been a Japanese company with a very suggestive name, Donut Robotics, the one that developed the C-Mask, which is nothing more than a smart mask, and permanently connected to our mobile phone, which is capable of translating from Japanese into eight other languages. Made of white plastic it can be placed on our surgical mask (or any other we use), to pair it by bluetooth to a smartphone or a tablet.

The important thing is that the device has internet, because it will be he who, through a app, be able to translate what we speak and reproduce it so that others listen to us. Also, the most curious thing is that this C-Mask was born as a current initiative, which sought to give viability to the company in these hard times of confinement and global crisis, so the move could not have gone better.

C-Mask, the smart mask, and translator.

C-Mask, the smart mask, and translator. REUTERS

According Taisuke Ono, CEO of Donut Robotics, “We worked hard for years to develop a robot and have used that technology to create a product that responds to how the coronavirus has transformed society.” So much so that This C-Mask is the adaptation of a previous project that they had obtained for the Haneda airport in Tokyo, for which they were awarded a contract to supply robotic guides and translators.

At the moment they plan to send the first 5,000 masks to the Japanese market, where they hope to sell them quickly. Also, from the company they also talk about that they will sell them in Europe, the US and China since some companies have been interested in it. At the moment, the first units will translate from Japanese to eight other languages ​​and their success seems assured when a few weeks ago, when opening a crowdfunding To develop them, they obtained a support of 27 million yen (225,000 euros, approx.) when in reality they only asked for seven (59,000 euros).


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